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The Keto Cleanse

 The Keto Cleanse 

A 3 week guided cleanse that incorporates Keto principles to help you lose weight and end cravings fast!  

Beginners welcome. This is a life changer. $129

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Detox 102

A 3 month Education and Deep Dive into YOU


Detox 102 is finally here!  the next step for those that have taken Detox 101 and want MORE.   More information on cleansing body and soul. We will dive deep into your cells as well as your belief systems.  This is not a program for first time Detoxers, its for  those who have done several cleanses and/or Detox 101.  If you experienced an emotional reaction with Detox 101 you will learn why and take your detox to the next level. 

Detox 102 includes:

  • Monthly  master classes on everything from advanced food combining to creating  homemade beauty treatments. 

  • Bi-weekly phone calls to check in and ask questions. 

  • Writing assignments, mantras and meditations to deepen your spiritual growth. 

  • Advanced daily rituals to encourage deeper  cellular detoxification.   

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The Newlyweds Detox

Look and feel amazing for your big day!  Special pricing for couples. 


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The perfect Shower Gift!


Detox Tea

Hamptons Detox Signature Night Time Tea 2 months supply


($7.50 shipping)

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Lexi’s Elixirs 


This tea has been purposefully and mindfully designed to be taken at night after your last meal to support your body in the detoxification process. It was handmade with all organic love, herbal leaves, flowers, and roots to create a carminative, digestive, detox tea for all bodies. 

The detox tea is a special blend of cascara sagrada, yellow dock root, st. johns wort, chamomile, peppermint, and lemongrass.

Cascara Sagrada- Laxative & tonifying

Yellow dock- Helps dispel toxins and cleanse the blood, good source of iron & minerals,  supports energy, immune system, healthy skin & digestion, hormone balance.

Chamomile- calming to the stomach, improves digestion, calms nervousness, promotes deep sleep.

St. Johns Wort- Improves quality of life, anti- depressant, good for insomnia and anxiety, strengthens organs and restores damaged nerve tissue.

Peppermint- reduces stress, relieves headaches, treats sinuses, improves digestion, reduces pain and inflammation, aids weight loss, boosts immune system.

Lemongrass- supports the nervous system, improves digestion, calms nerves. 

2 months supply when used every other night. 

Why Detox?

Weight Management


Excess WASTE=WEIGHT period.  Yes, you have accumulation of  old waste matter from years of overeating.    The body simply can NOT keep up with the amount of food the average American consumes on a daily basis.   Hamptons Detox will give you the tools you need to begin to cleanse your system of this harmful debris.  It sounds crazy, we know, but the results speak for themselves!  Give your body the deep clean it needs and you will be rewarded with energy, clear glowing skin and yes, weight loss!!!

The Fountain of Youth


  Our bodies are amazing healing and cleansing machines.   The aging process does not have to be painful and  unflattering.   We eat dead, dehydrated food and expect our body to remain alive and supple........  something's  missing.   With every Detox you perform you take a step back in time.  Instead of digesting, your body will have extra energy to restore your cells- that means softer skin, flatter belly and more energy than you know what to do with!  Turn back the hands of time today!

Detoxing for Health


 Our bodies are ALWAYS working in the direction of wellness!  You get cut, your body heals.  You get sick, your body fights back.  Every night your body automatically starts to push toxins out.  Help your body by performing a Hamptons Detox guided cleanse.  Detoxing will aid your body in clearing  out toxins more efficiently  and give your digestive system a break to heal and restore even faster.    Our goal is to set you up for success and shift the way you relate to food and your beautiful amazing body!!

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