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Welcome to Hamptons Detox

Welcome to Hamptons Detox

Welcome to Hamptons DetoxWelcome to Hamptons Detox

Detox 101

What you will learn:

You will acquire the knowledge to truly begin to take care of your beautiful body.  No one was born with a "How to ....... " manual.  We aquired our  “maintenance habits”  from our parents,  unfortunately  Detoxification is not a wide spread practice.  Learn WHY we need to detox, WHEN is the best time and HOW we can encourage the process. We all slip up, Detox 101 will share the secret  of how to eat your favorite foods with little to no impact on your weight.  

Class Layout:

Comprised of 3 - 1 hour lectures, a detox manual and daily support. You will have the tools necessary to change your body from the inside out!  

  • First you listen to week 1- The Master Detox Workshop.  Fill out a questionnaire and receive the perfect Protocol for you! Then do your shopping and food prep.  Week 1 will prepare your body for the true detox. 
  •  Week 2- Listen to recording. Add to your knowledge and Cleansing power!  We discuss supplements that may aid in your detox and implement the use of our Hamptons Detox Tea.  This week is the True Detox!
  •  Week 3 provides information for those that want to go deeper the last week and offers tips on maintaining  your progress and how to fix slip ups.

Enjoy the benefits!

Enjoy glowing skin, better sleep and yes weight loss!


Detox 101

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Get your glow back!  Ready to feel AMAZING?


Detox 101 Private

3 week guided cleanse with your own private Detox Specialist

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Have Private one on one consult calls with your personal Detox Specialist. You will have weekly (3-30 min) calls to check in, ask questions and receive personal evaluation.   This is a true VIP Detox!